How Should a “Notice to Owner” or “Notice to Customer” Be Delivered?

When delivering a Notice to Owner or a Notice to Customer, you should do the following:

Notice to Owner

 A Notice to Owner should either be (1) mailed by certified or registered mail to the owner or reputed owner, or (2) delivered or personally served upon the owner or reputed owner, with the lien claimant obtaining evidence of delivery (such as a receipt, affidavit of service, or acknowledgment signed by the owner or reputed owner).

Notice to Customer

The contractor must keep a copy of the Notice to Customer signed by the customer and retain it for at least three years. The Department of Labor and Industries can require a contractor to produce a copy of the Notice to Customer signed by the customer.

Kristal M. Cowger, Attorney at Law
Blado Kiger Bolan, Tacoma, Wash.

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