6 Tips For Bicycling Safely This Summer

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Bicycling is a popular summer activity in Washington. Whether you’re a dedicated athlete or simply enjoy taking a fun ride with your family, it’s important to stay safe while on your bicycle.

Tips for Staying Safe on Your Bicycle

1. Wear a helmet.

A bicycle helmet is a simple, essential, low-cost way to reduce the risk of injury. Your bicycle helmet should fit snugly around your head about one inch above your eyebrows. The chin strap should also be snug but not too tight. Adults riding with children can set a good example for kids by always wearing their own helmets and requiring their children to wear helmets.

2. Double-check your bicycle before you ride.

If your bicycle has been stored in the garage or basement to await warmer weather, make sure you give it a fit and maintenance check before you head out. Examine brakes and gears for wear or rust, or take your bike to a repair shop for an examination. Children’s bikes should be checked for fit before kids ride and several times over the summer as children grow.

3. Use bike paths whenever possible.

Bike paths are designed specifically for bicyclists. Because motorized traffic is not allowed on bike paths, these paths reduce many of the risks of riding in traffic. Many Washington bike paths also wind through some of our state’s most beautiful terrain, making bicycling a more enjoyable experience.

4. Follow traffic laws.

Washington law allows bicyclists to use the public streets, but bicyclists are required to observe the same rules as motor vehicles. Obey stop signs and traffic lights, use hand signals to indicate right and left turns, and don’t try to split lanes with vehicles. On bike paths, use good trail-sharing etiquette and ride toward the right side of the path when possible.

5. Make yourself visible.

Bright clothing, bicycle lights and reflectors, and reflective strips on your clothing and bicycle can all make it easier for drivers to see you. Many bicycle accidents result from drivers who simply weren’t paying sufficient attention to notice a bicyclist until it was too late. You can help reduce this risk by making yourself easy to see. Keep your own eyes peeled as well, so you can spot traffic movements and take evasive action if needed.

6. Stay hydrated and use sun protection.

Summer can get hot in Washington, especially when you’re working up a sweat on your bicycle. Carry extra water and wear sunscreen or protective clothing to help avoid burns. In hot weather, take frequent breaks in the shade to reduce your risk of heat exhaustion.

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